Randomised trials in stents for bifurcation lesions

Randomised Trials in stents for bifurcation lesions

On this page you will find a list of randomised trials in stents for bifurcation lesions published in some of the world's top cardiology and interventional cardiology journals.

3.1 - STENTS

  • Provisional side branch intervention in bifurcation lesions: SMART-STRATEGY
  • Bifurcation lesions: SMART-STRATEGY 3 years
  • Treatment of coronary bifurcations: DKCRUSH-II
  • Left main bifurcation lesions: DKCRUSH-III
  • DK Crush vs culotte stenting for distal L main bifurcations: DKCRUSH-III: 3 years
  • PCI bifurcation lesions – 5-year outcome: Nordic Bifurcation Study
  • Crush vs culotte stenting for bifurcation lesions: Nordic Bifurcation Stent Technique Study
  • Bifurcation stent vs provisional stenting for bifurcation lesions: TRYTON
  • Provisional T-stenting vs routine T-stenting: BBK-1 5 years
  • Bifurcation lesion treatment: EBC Two Study

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