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The PCR London Valves App is sponsored by Edwards Lifesciences

The PCR App is your essential Course companion! Download this user-friendly all-in-one tool to:

  • Prepare your day-to-day attendance: explore the full Programme* before the Course begins and bookmark your sessions of interest to save them in your personal Agenda. Build your personalised Programme!
  • Share with your peers: post your thoughts or photos on the Activity Feed, comment on your peers activity and stay up to date with the latest on-site happenings
  • Meet the speakers: find out who will be presenting on-stage and discover which sessions each presenter will be involved in
  • Easily find your peers: curious to know which of your colleagues will be on-site? Simply look them up in the Participants list
  • React@PCR**: challenge speakers and address your questions during sessions in real-time
  • Access scientific content: find all the Course abstracts, cases images and late-breaking trials in one single place
  • And more: find useful info, an interactive floor plan, exhibition details, training sessions... Everything is in the App!

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*Availability of Sponsored and Training Village Programmes might vary from one Course to another
**Availability might vary from one Course to another

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  4. Explore the Programme and start preparing your Course!

On-site Tips and Tricks:

  • Need help? Visit our Mobile App Help Desks
  • Stay connected! Use our charging towers and stop worrying about low battery