PCR trials app

PCR trials app

Discover the latest clinical trials available!

The PCR trials application is the unique resource providing an essential compendium of all major randomised trials published in interventional cardiology. Enjoy quick and intuitive navigation and rich and valuable content you can use anytime of the day.

The latest edition of the PCR trials application is an update of all important topics in interventional cardiology including primary PCI, stents (BMS or DES), stable and unstable coronary syndromes, pre- and post-PCI treatment. Transcatheter aortic valve implantations (TAVI), closure of the foramen ovale and left main atrial appendage topics are updated as well.

For each trial, the PCR trials application aim to present – in a uniform and one-page format – the title, objectives, design, results and the conclusion as phrased by the authors.

This enables fast and easy access to the most recent contributions in interventional literature. Amongst the main functionalities: bookmark your favorite trials, share with colleagues, take notes, enjoy extra related media.

The free PCR trials App is evolving: discover new content now! Browse the hundreds of trials anytime, anywhere.

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