Valve in Valve (Mitral) app

Valve in Valve Mitral app

An instant guide to Valve in Valve procedures for clinicians

The Valve in Valve Mitral app, quick, clear and concise information about heart valves and rings and Valve in Valve therapy. A guide you wish you always had at your fingertips.

The Valve in Valve Mitral app provides information specific for a clinical scenario, quickly and simply. This will help in the planning of and performing a mitral Valve in Valve or Valve in Ring case. The application navigates the user through important aspects of surgical mitral valves, mitral rings and TAVI valve design, which are vital for a successful Valve in Valve or ring procedure. The app logically steps through the possible combinations to give the user specific information needed to perform the procedure.

Knowledge about all the surgical valves and rings that have been implanted in the last two decades is minimal but relevant to the Valve in Valve or ring therapy. Users can now familiarize themselves with important design information about surgical valves, rings and TAVI valves; they can also select the valve and find out which size of TAVI valve could be used and how it is best placed during a Valve in Valve or ring procedure.

The Valve In Valve Mitral app can be used to plan a case and confirm suitability for this procedure and reduces the need to trawl through vast amounts of literature to find information specific to the clinical scenario. The information is also available without the need for an internet connection and will enhance the users understanding of various aspects of this procedure. We hope this will result in improved results and better outcomes for patients.

Key features

  • Design and sizing information for multiple types of surgical valves
  • Real life and fluoroscopic images of all the surgical valves
  • Design and sizing information about TAVI valve designs
  • Step-by-step process to help choose a specific valve or ring, then the size and dimensions to plan a Valve in Valve or ring procedure
  • Image based guidance for the ideal placement of a TAVI valve
  • Video examples of actual placement of a TAVI valve


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