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Volume 7 Supplement M May 2011

Acute coronary syndromes: risk stratification and outcomes

Be careful! Contrast induced nephropathy is a real issue in daily practice – Part I

Be careful! Contrast induced nephropathy is a real issue in daily practice – Part II

Biomarkers in stable and unstable coronary syndromes

Biomarkers should be routinely measured after PCI

Coronary perforation and spontaneous dissection: clinical outcome

DES and endothelial function: a difficult relationship?

DES registries - Part I

DES registries - Part II

Evaluation of thrombus aspiration during primary PCI in STEMI patients

Functional and clinical impact of successful coronary chronic total occlusion recanalisation

Is stent thrombosis still an issue?

Non-invasive and invasive coronary imaging prior to PCI

PCI for acute coronary syndromes in the elderly

PCI for bifurcation lesions: clinical results

PCI in multivessel disease patients: determinants of long-term clinical outcome

PCI in STEMI patients: biochemical markers and clinical outcome

PCI outcomes in specific patient subsets

Primary PCI in STEMI patients with left main or multivessel occlusion

Primary PCI in STEMI patients: where is the challenge?

Registries of new generation of bare metal stents

Risk of stent thrombosis and new generation DES

Secondary prevention after PCI: evidence for plaque regression

Which DES for diabetics?

Randomised clinical trials - Update

Advances in cell-based regenerative therapy post-STEMI

Bioabsorbable scaffold: animal and human observations

Innovations in catheter and stent design

Microvascular function after PCI

New stent technology and first-in-man

New stents: bench testing

Optical coherence tomography: revealing the results of PCI with DES and bioresorbable stents

Primary PCI in STEMI patients: new techniques

New stents: pre-clinical studies

3D coronary angiography and novel imaging techniques: implications for PCI

Accuracy of IVUS and optical coherence tomography to quantify coronary artery disease and evaluate PCI results

Arterial access: use of closure devices

CTO recanalisation: technical aspects

Dedicated stents for bifurcation lesion PCI

DES and bioactive stents for STEMI

DES in special lesions and patient subsets

DES or protection devices in saphenous vein graft PCI

Drug-eluting balloons

Fractional flow reserve: additional or complementary to coronary invasive imaging?

Imaging DES results: optical coherence tomography and other techniques

Impact of lesion morphology and deployment technique on DES outcomes

Incidence and treatment of in-stent restenosis

IVUS in acute coronary syndrome: how lesion morphology may impact on outcome

Novel imaging techniques for assessment of PCI

Optical coherence tomography: to assess the results of PCI

PCI for unprotected left main stenosis

PCI techniques for bifurcation lesions

Platelet reactivity in patient subsets

Primary PCI in STEMI: thrombus aspiration or filter devices

Radial or femoral access: revisiting an old dispute

Testing antiplatelet reactivity in daily practice

Transradial access: safety and complications

Transradial access: technical and procedural aspects

Clinical outcome after TAVI: mid-term follow-up

Conduction abnormalities after TAVI

Devices and imaging the results

Edge-to-edge mitral valve repair: clinical, hemodynamic and echocardiographic evaluation

Percutaneous mitral valve intervention from balloon to replacement

PFO: clinical experience and new devices

Predictors of clinical outcome after TAVI

Quality of life and neurocognitive function after TAVI

Results of TAVI: evaluation by echocardiography

TAVI and coronary artery disease

TAVI: clinical outcome in various patient subsets

TAVI: clinical outcomes and complications

Left atrial appendage closure from single centre experience to large randomised trials

Management of arterial access in TAVI

Valve in valve: TAVI for treatment of degenerative bioprosthesis

Valve malpositioning and procedural refinement during TAVI procedures

Beyond the borders: new devices and indications for endovascular treatment

Cardiovascular impact of non coronary atherosclerosis

Carotid artery stenting patient and lesion characterisation

Endovascular management of lower limb ischaemia

Endovascular treatment of thoracic and abdominal aorta

Latest on femoro-popliteal interventions

Stenting for complex lesions above and below the inguinal ligament

Latest aspects on carotid artery stenting

Cross-talk between PCI and surgery