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Serial quantitative magnetic resonance angiography follow-up of renal artery dimensions following treatment by four different renal denervation systems


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1. Erasmus MC; 2. Erasmus MC; 3. Erasmus MC; 4. Erasmus MC; 5. Erasmus MC; 6. ErasmusMC; 7. Erasmus MC; 8. Erasmus Medical Center, NETHERLANDS


Aims:. renal sympathetic denervation (RDN) is being studied as a therapeutic option for patients with therapy resistant hypertension. It remains unclear if the procedure affects the renal arteries in such a way that luminal narrowing might occur at the mid- to longer-term.

Methods & results. In a prospective cohort of 27 patients referred for RDN, quantitative magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) was used to assess 52 vessels at baseline, 6-, and 12 months post treatment with one out of four different devices.…

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