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Clinical and Angiographic Predictors of Hemodynamically Significant Angiographic Lesions: Development and Validation of a Risk Score to Predict Positive Fractional Flow Reserve


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1. Mount Sinai Health System, Interventional Cardiology, New York, NY, UNITED STATES; 2. Mount Sinai Medical Center; 3. Mount Sinai Medical Center; 4. Mount Sinai Medical Center; 5. Mount Sinai Medical Center; 6. Mount Sinai Medical Center; 7. Mount Sinai Medical Center; 8. Mount Sinai Medical Center; 9. Mount Sinai Medical Center; 10. Mount Sinai Medical Center, Cardiology, New York, UNITED STATES


Aims: Coronary revascularization based upon physiological evaluation of lesions improves clinical outcomes. Angiographic or visual stenosis assessment alone is insufficient in predicting hemodynamic stenosis severity by Fractional Flow reserve (FFR) and therefore cannot be used to guide revascularization, particularly in the lesion subset (<70%). Accordingly, we sought to identify independent determinants of angiographic intermediate lesions with hemodynamic significance.

Methods and results: We assessed consecu…

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