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Limitations of OCT in identifying and quantifying lipid components: an in vivo comparison study with IVUS-NIRS

EuroIntervention 2017;13:303-311 published online December 2016

Published in Volume 13 Number 3, June 2017

Comparative analysis method of permanent metallic stents (XIENCE) and bioresorbable poly-L-lactic (PLLA) scaffolds (Absorb) on optical coherence tomography at baseline and follow-up

EuroIntervention 2016;12:1498-1509 published online ahead of print October 2015

Published in Volume 12 Number 12, December 2016

A double-blind randomised study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of bindarit in preventing coronary stent restenosis

EuroIntervention 2016;12:e1385-e1385

Published in Volume 12 Number 11, December 2016

Safety and performance of the DRug-Eluting Absorbable Metal Scaffold (DREAMS) in patients with de novo coronary lesions: 3-year results of the prospective, multicentre, first-in-man BIOSOLVE-I trial

EuroIntervention 2016;12:e160-e166 published online e-edition June 2016

Published in Volume 12 Number 2, June 2016

Invasive management without stents in selected acute coronary syndrome patients with a large thrombus burden: a prospective study of optical coherence tomography guided treatment decisions

EuroIntervention 2015;11:895-904 published online ahead of print July 2014

Published in Volume 11 Number 8, December 2015

Serial optical coherence tomography imaging of ACS-causing culprit plaques

EuroIntervention 2015;11:319-324

Published in Volume 11 Number 3, July 2015

Stent-related defects in patients presenting with stent thrombosis: differences at optical coherence tomography between subacute and late/very late thrombosis in the Mechanism Of Stent Thrombosis (MOST) study

EuroIntervention 2013;9:936-944

Published in Volume 9 Number 8, December 2013

Angiography alone versus angiography plus optical coherence tomography to guide decision-making during percutaneous coronary intervention: the Centro per la Lotta contro l’Infarto-Optimisation of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (CLI-OPCI) study

EuroIntervention 2012;8:823-829

Published in Volume 8 Number 7, November 2012

Coronary artery perforation imaged through 3-dimensional optical coherence tomography

EuroIntervention 2012;8:166-168

Published in Volume 8 Number 1, May 2012

Does the site of bleeding matter? A stratified analysis on location of TIMI-graded bleedings and their impact on 12-month outcome in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

EuroIntervention 2012;8:71-78 publish online ahead of print February 2012

Published in Volume 8 Number 1, May 2012

Early detection of stent tissue coverage and apposition after primary angioplasty: an optical coherence tomographic study of chromium cobaltum and first generation DES

Published in Volume 7 Supplement M, May 2011

Safety and feasibility of frequency domain optical coherence tomography to guide decision making in percutaneous coronary intervention

EuroIntervention 2010;6:575-581

Published in Volume 6 Number 5, November 2010

Integrated non-invasive imaging techniques

EuroIntervention Supplement (2010) Vol. 6 (Supplement G) G161-G168

Published in Volume 6 Supplement G, May 2010

The artery under the lens

EuroIntervention 2010;6:15-17

Published in Volume 6 Number 1, May 2010

Early vessel healing after Resolute stent placement, an optical coherence tomography comparative study at 30 days - the resort

Published in Volume 6 Supplement H, May 2010

Comparison of optical coherence tomography and intravascular ultrasound for the assessment of in-stent tissue coverage after stent implantation

EuroIntervention 2009;5:538-543

Published in Volume 5 Number 5, November 2009

Long term results of Polyzene-F stents coverage. Insights from the OCT subgroup of the ATLANTA FIM study

Published in Volume 5 Supplement E, May 2009

Optimal treatment of intracoronary thrombosis with local abciximab infusion through the Clearway system

Published in Volume 5 Supplement E, May 2009

A multicentre evaluation of the safety of intracoronary optical coherence tomography

EuroIntervention 2009;5:90-95

Published in Volume 5 Number 1, May 2009

Safety and feasibility of a new non-occlusive technique for facilitated intracoronary optical coherence tomography (OCT) acquisition in various clinical and anatomical scenarios

EuroIntervention 2007;3:365-370 - DOI10.4244/EIJV3I3A66

Published in Volume 3 Number 3, November 2007

The RESTART project: high-dose atorvastatin helps control RESTenosis AfteR sTenting procedures at high risk for restenosis. Results from a prospective study and a matched control group comparison


Published in Volume 3 Number 1, May 2007

Immunosuppressive oral prednisone after percutaneous interventions in patients with multi-vessel coronary artery disease. The IMPRESS-2/MVD study

EuroIntervention 2005;1:173-180 - DOI10.4244/EIJV1I2A28

Published in Volume 1 Number 2, August 2005