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Angel Cequier

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Impact of presentation and transfer delays on complete ST-segment resolution before primary percutaneous coronary intervention: insights from the ATLANTIC trial

EuroIntervention 2017;13:69-77 published online January 2017

Published in Volume 13 Number 1, May 2017

Impact of stent overlapping on long-term clinical outcomes in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: insights from the 5-year follow-up of the EXAMINATION trial

EuroIntervention 2017; just accepted article published in February 2017

IVUS-guided treatment strategies for definite late and very late stent thrombosis

EuroIntervention 2016;12:e1355-e1365 published online ahead of print December 2015 published online e-edition December 2016

Published in Volume 12 Number 11, December 2016

Preserved endothelial vasomotor function after everolimus-eluting stent implantation

EuroIntervention 2015;11:643-649 published online ahead of print July 2014

Published in Volume 11 Number 6, October 2015

Predictors of adverse events among patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention: insights from a pooled analysis of the COMFORTABLE AMI and EXAMINATION trials

EuroIntervention 2015;11:391-398 published online ahead of print July 2014

Published in Volume 11 Number 4, August 2015

Rationale and design of the RIBS IV randomised clinical trial (drug-eluting balloons versus everolimus-eluting stents for patients with drug-eluting stent restenosis)

EuroIntervention 2015;11:336-342 published online ahead of print September 2014

Published in Volume 11 Number 3, July 2015

Coronary perforation after bioresorbable vascular scaffold implantation

EuroIntervention 2015;10:e1-e2 published online e-article April 2015

Published in Volume 10 Number 12, April 2015

Lumen enlargement of the coronary segments located distal to chronic total occlusions successfully treated with drug-eluting stents at follow-up

EuroIntervention 2014;9:1181-1188

Published in Volume 9 Number 10, February 2014

Rationale and design of the EXAMINATION trial: a randomised comparison between everolimus-eluting stents and cobalt-chromium bare-metal stents in ST-elevation myocardial infarction

EuroIntervention 2011;7:977-984 publish online ahead of print November 2011

Published in Volume 7 Number 8, December 2011

Real picture of reperfusion map with coronary angioplasty in patients with acute myocardial infarction in Spain - the RACIMO multicentre experience

Published in Volume 7 Supplement M, May 2011

6-month outcomes of the paclitaxel-eluting balloon for the treatment of instent restenosis: insights from the Spanish DIOR multicenter registry

Published in Volume 6 Supplement H, May 2010

Choice of arterial access site and outcomes in patients with acute coronary syndromes managed with an early invasive strategy: the ACUITY trial

EuroIntervention 2009;5:115-120

Published in Volume 5 Number 1, May 2009