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Monica Masotti

6 articles

Safety and efficacy of a bioabsorbable polymer-coated, everolimus-eluting coronary stent in patients with diabetes: the EVOLVE II diabetes substudy

EuroIntervention 2017;12:1987-1994 published online November 2016

Published in Volume 12 Number 16, March 2017

Rationale and design of the RIBS IV randomised clinical trial (drug-eluting balloons versus everolimus-eluting stents for patients with drug-eluting stent restenosis)

EuroIntervention 2015;11:336-342 published online ahead of print September 2014

Published in Volume 11 Number 3, July 2015

Six-month IVUS and two-year clinical outcomes in the EVOLVE FHU trial: a randomised evaluation of a novel bioabsorbable polymer-coated, everolimus-eluting stent

EuroIntervention 2013;9:308-315 published online ahead of print May 2013

Published in Volume 9 Number 3, July 2013

Well developed collateral circulation is associated with better vascular function distal to recanalised coronary chronic total occlusions

Published in Volume 7 Supplement M, May 2011

Impact of aging on radial spasm

Published in Volume 6 Supplement H, May 2010

Bio-Active Stent (BAS) Titan 2 in small coronary artery. The EXTREME registry

Published in Volume 6 Supplement H, May 2010