EuroIntervention is the official journal of EuroPCR and the EAPCI.
It is the multimedia reference journal for the interventional cardiovascular community.
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Thematic supplements 2017:

- PCR London Valves supplement dedicated to: Valves interventions


Regular issues and supplements May issue (EuroPCR)
Cover 2 (Inside Front Cover) € 8,600 € 10,300
Cover 3 (Inside Back Cover) € 7,500 € 9,000
Cover 4 (Back Cover) € 9,700 € 11,600
Front cover leaflet 2 pages: 9000€ / 4 pages: 9500€ 2 pages: 10500€ / 4 pages: 11000€
Facing contents 1 € 7,100 € 8,500
Facing contents 2 € 6,900 € 8,300
Facing editorial 1 € 6,500 € 7,800
Facing editorial 2 € 6,100 € 7,300
Facing editorial 3 € 5,900 € 7,000
Standard inner page € 5,100 € 6,100
Double page spread € 10,500 € 13,000
Loose insert (bookmark)* € 6,500 € 7,500
Bound-In insert* € 8,600 € 9,600

*Limited to one per issue, printing charges included

Technical Specifications:

Print edition:

Full page advert: Trim size (mm) 210 x 280px (8x11in) / Bleed (mm) 220 x 290px

Please respect the bleed size indicated above, i.e. 5mm on all 4 sides of the page, to avoid any issue at the time of cutting and binding the Journal.

Digital edition:

Your advert is also displayed both on the web & iPad editions of the Journal. Make sure to provide us with a url link so that physicians can be redirected to the website of your choice when clicking on your artwork.


1. Web banner pack multi-display

A total of 4 web banners, for 1 partner only:

> Top homepage web banner

> Right homepage web banner

> Current issue’s TOC web banner

> E-newsletter web banner

Top homepage web banner

Technical specifications:

Mobile: 290 x 60px

Tablet: 460 x 95px

Desktop: 580 x 120px

Static or HTML web banner, maximum of 250kb + url of redirection

Right homepage web banner

Technical specifications:

Mobile: 272 x 226px

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Static or HTML web banner, maximum of 250kb + url of redirection

Current issue’s TOC web banner

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Mobile: 272 x 226px

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Desktop: 336 x 280px

Static or HTML web banner, maximum of 250kb + url of redirection

Banner for EuroIntervention e-newsletter

Technical specifications:

460 x 95px + url of redirection

Format: Static image, JPG file, RGB, maximum weight 80kb

€ 7,000 per month

2. Header web banner

Web banner running on all the website webpages.
Offer limited to 2 partners each month


Technical Specifications:

Mobile: 320 x 100px

Tablet: 728 x 90px

Desktop: 728 x 90px

Static or HTML web banner, maximum of 250kb + url of redirection

€ 7,000 per month

PCR TRIALS – Multimedia Advertising Package

A unique resource on free access for interventional practitioners, this multimedia publication is available in website, app and book form, and updated with new contents four times a year.

This educational tool enables fast and easy access to the most recent studies in interventional cardiology.
Each trial is presented in a uniform one-page format with a title, objectives, design, results and a conclusion as phrased by the authors.

Benefits for the sponsor:

Print edition

3 cover advertising in the print edition distributed to all EuroPCR participants
Inside front cover
Inside back cover
Back cover

Print edition on free display to the +12,000 EuroPCR participants
Bonus: 50 copies offered for your own distribution

Web banner advertising

Web banner displayed for 1 year on the online edition located on:

Free app for iPhone and iPad

Clickable logo and splash screen adverts (portrait and landscape version) displayed for one year.
Over 4,460 applications have been downloaded as of September 2015.

Promotional email campaign

Your logo on the 4 emailing campaigns sent out along the year to the entire PCR database to announce new updates.
Over 60,000 contacts

Exclusive to one partner ONLY 
Total rate for one-year visibility:

€ 40,000

iPad APPLICATION – Exclusive sponsorship

Two clickable full screen adverts at the start of the application.

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A video launched automatically when a user is downloading an issue.

Technical Specifications:

• Only MP4 allowed
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€ 9,000
Rates 2017, VAT excluded.
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