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PCR Topics

Associate your company to one of the 25 key topics of the PCRonline website

On the welcome page of the topic:

mention: “Supported by an educational Grant” + clickable logo
clickable web banner advertising

On the welcome page of the topic & all webpages related to the topic!

Native advertising
Space including: image + teaser + link to the full content hosted on the PCRonline landing page

Rate for 1 year starting at € 12,000
(depending on the selected topic)

PCR Topics Presentation

Promoted Content Guidelines

Technical Specifications:

Company logo: minimum width: 350px + url of redirection

Clickable banner: 320x100px, static or HTML5 web banner, maximum of 250kb + url of redirection

Promoted content box:

– image of 640x314px, JPG, static

– Title and subtitle

Content page:

– your content with a title and subtitle

The content must be related to the sponsored topic and can include a new recorded case video (format: HD mp4), an existing webcast/video on the PCRonline website, or a page with only images and texts.


Homepage banner

Benefit from exclusive advertising presence on the homepage for 1 month!

Average number of views on the homepage only: 9,337
Average number of views on the homepage in May and June (EuroPCR): 29,617

The offer includes:
Web metrics provided at the end of the publication period
Option to exclude impressions from your chosen country(ies)


May, June
€ 7,500
Other months
€ 6,500

Technical Specifications:

Mobile: 300x250px

Tablet: 300x250px

Desktop: 336x280px

Static image, JPG file, RGB, maximum of 200kb + url of redirection

PCR courses programme page web banners

The only advertising slot on the programme page. Exclusive to 3 partners per PCR course.

Located on the programme page of the course for a 2-month duration.

SGD 4,000
€ 4,000
PCRLondon Valves
€ 3,000
PCR Peripheral
€ 2,000


Technical Specifications:

Mobile: 300x250px

Tablet: 300x250px

Desktop: 336x280px

Static or HTML5 web banner, maximum of 200kb + url of redirection


Sponsored emailing campaigns

Keep the cardiovascular community informed about your new products, latest study, presence at a course, session details.

Reach out over 60,000 contacts from the PCR cardiovascular community at any time of the year.

According to your message and for a stronger impact we can segment the database by PCR course participants, country*, speciality and interest.

E-blast to the full PCR database:

Peak period
Off-Peak period
€ 8,900


Targeted e-blast to the pre-registered participants of a PCR course:

€ 8,000
€ 3,000
PCR London Valves
€ 2,500
PCR Istanbul Peripheral
€ 1,000
GulfPCR Gim
€ 2,000


Flexible rate:

Reach your target audience: contact us to get a quote according to your database specifications

2017 PCR E-blast calendar

2017 Technical Reguirements

*Regarding geo-targeting and the exclusion of certain countries from your email campaigns, please note that the country of residence is based on information provided by account holders at a certain point in time, and in some cases this information is not provided at all. Europa Digital & Publishing can therefore not guarantee the country of residence of a recipient and we advise you to always include a disclaimer in the footer of your e-campaign.


PCR Monthly Press Digest campaign

Share your press releases by email with over 45,000 PCR members!

This official monthly compilation of press releases is very much appreciated by the community.

Your PR placed at a premium position (top 3) with the logo of your company
Includes a static image to illustrate your PR

The PCR Press digest campaign is sent at the end of each month and includes direct links to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

This offer is limited to 3 partners each month.

Average open rate of: 22,88%

Rate per insertion:

April & May
€ 2,000
Other months
€ 1,500


Session webcast

On-site video recording of your entire session.

Offer including:
On-site HD video recording
One round of editing
Online publication on the PCRonline website
Promotional campaign on social network
Web statistics update on demand
Important! Please contact us first to check session eligibility

€ 8,500




Post session wrap up interview

An opportunity to share the key message and findings of your scientific session and present the latest developments from your company; from clinical trials and product updates to announcing product launches.

Additional information:

The PCR team will manage, on your behalf, the invitation of the speakers to the PCR TV studio
Coaching of the speakers on the day by a medical journalist a few minutes prior to the interview to ensure optimal result.
HD video recording in the PCR studio
One round of editing. Post production editing tailored to your needs. Final video duration: 5 to 10 min at most for maximum impact
Publication on the PCRonline website and Youtube channel

Promotional campaign on Youtube
Feature as a breaking news on the PCRonline homepage
Web statistic update

Broadcasting rights and link to embed the video on your communications

€ 15,000 (broadcasting rights included)

Special package offers

Webcast + wrap up interview : 17,000 euros

Email campaign to promote your webcats and/or wrap up to the entire PCR community : 6,500 euros
We have recorded an average of +51% of views for videos promoted through an e-blast.

Video offers – on demand:

PCR inside – get the expertise from the PCR TV team    
Contact the team and share your objectives to get recommendations and choose the adequate format to create an impactful video program.
The team will guide you through the elaboration of editorialised video programs (Interview, Roundtable discussion, webinar) or simply propose you a technical support (live streaming, recording, …)


EuroPCR Highlights – exclusive sponsorship

Associate your brand to the full coverage of the Course!
In 2017 one partner will have the opportunity to be associated to the daily highlights of the Course.

BEFORE the Course:

A PCR eblast is released prior to EuroPCR to the full PCR database to inform physicians unavailable to attend that every day they will be able to get the essentials of the Course thanks to the video interview carried out by a physician chosen by the Course directors.

DURING the Course:

Every evening of the Course a PCR e-newsletter is released to share with the entire community the videos and editorials of the day.

AFTER the Course:

A final video covering the entire week will be published on the PCR Youtube channel and distributed in a PCR e-newsletter.

All three newsletters and videos will include the partner’s logo and following mention: “Supported by an educational grant from xxx. For more information on our partner’s activities at EuroPCR < CLICK HERE >”

€ 70,000

Rates 2017, VAT excluded.
Offers made available on a first-come, first-served basis.
We do not offer commission to Media agencies.
Europa Digital & Publishing reserves itself the right to modify the content of this website at any given time.