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EuroIntervention News - March 20, 2017

From valvular disease to coronary interventions – The March issue is out!

Including part 2 of an EAPCI study on penetration of percutaneous mitral valve repair, this month also compares biodegradable to durable polymer stents - the NEXT and COMPARE II trial, examines the impact of ACS on the incidence of thrombosis after BVS implantation and, from the SWEDEHEART study, looks at unfractionated heparin vs. buvalridun in PPCI.

EuroIntervention News - February 20, 2017

The February print issue is out!

This edition contains insights into possible mechanical causes of scaffold thrombosis, long-term results of PPVI, an assessment and description of CAD in patients with HIV undergoing PCI, results from the TRAMI registry in patients undergoing MitraClip edge-to-edge mitral valve repair and the TICOMA study on the effects of ticagrelor administered to comatose patients.

EuroIntervention News - February 3, 2017

The latest electronic issue of EuroIntervention is out!

This issue highlights the tricupid valve (TV) with articles on the impact of tricuspid regurgitation (TR) from the TRAMI registry, the feasibility of TV clipping, computed tomography in patients with TR prior to transcatheter valve repair and first implantation of the percutaneous Micra leadless pacemaker after TV repair for lead-associated severe TR.

EuroIntervention News - January 20, 2017

The January issue is out!

The first edition of 2017 looks at the future with an article on the feasibility of telestenting using a combination of robotics and telecommunications. Other articles include an examination of the selective use of DES in STEMI and results of the ORIENT and PLATINUM PLUS trials.

Announcement - January 18, 2017

Announcing the new Instructions for Authors

The world doesn’t stand still, and neither does EuroIntervention! Introducing “Interventional Flashlight”, the new, illustrated section highlighting your most memorable findings and the re-vamped “How Should I Treat”, now more interactive than ever before! Check out the new EuroIntervention Instructions for Authors.

EuroIntervention News - December 20, 2016

Browse exclusive content from the latest edition

We end 2016 with articles on rotational atherectomy, implantation of TAVI prostheses into degenerated mitral valves and failed annuloplasty rings, released plaque during BRS implantation and an OCT comparison of vascular response between self-expanding, bare metal stents and a drug-eluting stents in femoral lesions.

EuroIntervention News - October 20, 2016

Browse the latest issue

This month EuroIntervention brings you an EAPCI survey on bivalirudin use in patients with ACS, continued focus on BRS with 2-year outcomes of the ABSORB II trial and insights from the ABSORB Japan trial. NSTEMI is the subject of the SWEDEHEART and Finish trends in coronary revascularisations between 1994 and 2013 are of interest among others…

EuroIntervention News - October 11, 2016

NEW on Just Accepted Articles!

To better serve our authors and readers, Just Accepted Articles (JAA) will be published online before copy editing and typesetting, in PDF format. Don’t wait the journal’s publication to discover new content!

EuroIntervention News - October 10, 2016

The latest electronic issue of EuroIntervention is out!

This month we have a wide range of articles including an in-depth look at the importance of quantitative multislice computed tomography in the assessment of the mitral valvular complex for transcatheter mitral valve interventions, a meta-analysis of the impact of atrial fibrillation on clinical outcomes in TAVI and aspects of the CoreValve experience at four-years.

EuroIntervention News - September 17, 2016

Peruse the PCR London Valves supplement

Guest editors C. Tamburino, S. Windecker, N. Piazza, M. Haude and B. Prendergast have created a special EuroIntervention supplement mirroring the spirit and content of PCR London Valves - the world’s largest course specifically addressing the rapidly expanding and innovative field of transcatheter therapies for valvular heart disease. The 4 sections deal with the field’s most interesting and novel elements: aortic, mitral and tricuspid interventions as well as imaging in heart valve interventions. A complement to the meeting, and a reference document for the future.

EuroIntervention News - September 17, 2016

Browse the latest issue

This month, articles are linked to PCR London Valves, such as results from the EAPCI survey on the current status of THV therapy in Europe, evaluating the depth in valve-in-valve interventions, redo TAVI and a new THV concept. We also publish a consensus on going forward responsibly with bioresorbable scaffolds.

EuroIntervention News - August 20, 2016

The August issue is out!

Find articles focussed on a novel monorail infusion catheter for volumetric coronary blood flow measurement and three TAVI papers: on the repositionable Lotus valve; the resheathable Portico system and five-year haemodynamic outcomes of 1st-generation SAPIEN THVs.

EuroIntervention News - July 4, 2016

The June issue is out!

Number 100 includes articles on VARC endpoint definition compliance rates in TAVI, predictors of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin in stable patients undergoing CA, mechanical strategies to enhance myocardial salvage during primary-PCI in STEMI patients and the relationship between diabetes, platelet reactivity and the SYNTAX score to 1-year clinical outcomes in patients with non-STEMI ACS undergoing PCI.

EuroIntervention News - July 20, 2016

The July issue is out!

Find articles focused on stroke rates after carotid stenting, the impact of CTO location on long-term mortality in STEMI patients and, in TAVI, a look at filter-based cerebral embolic protection and the effect of resting heart rates on clinical outcomes in high-risk patients.

Announcement - May 16, 2016


Ron Waksman, Editor-in-Chief of Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine, provides the inaugural perspective with his opinion of the North American interventional landscape

PCR Publications - May 6, 2016

EuroPCR 2016 abstracts now online!

Exclusive: start browsing now the 920 abstracts that will be presented at the Course during the PCR’s Got Talent and Abstracts sessions and in the Poster Galleries

EuroIntervention News - May 9, 2016

Focus on coronary interventions

Keeping patients committed to long-term follow-up, knowledge of follow-up preference is crucial. Results from 2,566 patients in the PAPAYA study.

EuroIntervention News - April 20, 2016

The April issue is out!

This month's issue includes papers on the BRS for in-stent restenosis,simulation training for the trainee cardiologist and a consensus paper on the use of the AMPLATZER Amulet device for left atrial appendage occlusion.

EuroIntervention News - April 8, 2016

The second electronic issue of EuroIntervention is out!

This month's issue includes papers on the prognostic importance of renal function in patients undergoing structural cardiac interventions, the natural history of atherosclerosis and two proof of concept papers within the field of mitral annuloplasty

EuroIntervention News - March 29, 2016

Focus on Coronary Interventions

Long-term prognosis after extracorporeal life support in refractory cardiogenic shock: results from a real-world cohort by Suzanne de Waha et al.

EuroIntervention News - March 3, 2016

How should I treat section

How would you treat shock with chronic biventricular heart failure and mitral regurgitation? Expert opinions from Paris, France and Rostock, Germany

EuroIntervention News - February 12, 2016

Coronary Interventions insights

Novel retrograde approach for percutaneous treatment of chronic total occlusions of the right coronary artery using ipsilateral collateral connections: a European centre experience by K. Mashayekhi et al.

EuroIntervention News - February 12, 2016

The first “E” version of EuroIntervention is out!

This month includes an excellent new assessment modelling complex issues of FFR in the main stem which formulates new mathematical guidelines to facilitate the work of the clinician, an example of retrograde recanalisation of CTOs using ipsilateral collateral connections and articles on ViV implantations

EuroIntervention News - January 27, 2016

Focus on Coronary Interventions

Flow-limiting thrombosis after intracoronary coil embolisation: optical coherence tomography during acute myocardial infarction by Nobuaki Kobayashi et al.

EuroIntervention News - January 20, 2016

The January issue is out!

This month's issue includes a study and an editorial commentary on the impact of the J-CTO score on clinical outcomes in terms of TLR, a report and an editorial commentary on the 20-fold increase in annual TAVI implants in Germany

EuroIntervention News - January 21, 2016

You’re digital, we’re ALL digital!

EuroIntervention is increasing to 18 publications with the addition of 6 exclusive electronic editions starting in February.

EuroIntervention News - December 20, 2015

The December issue is out!

This month's issue includes a mini-focus on bifurcation interventions including two papers reporting results out to 5 years.

PCR Textbook - December 11, 2015

PCR-EAPCI Textbook free chapters!

Free access for a week to two major chapters bioresorbable scaffolds and chronic total occlusion. Find the green locks in the table of content and get access to them!

EuroIntervention News - November 30, 2015

Ahead of Print Publication

A reproducible methodology for anatomical measurements of the mitral valvular complex for transcatheter mitral valve replacement

EuroIntervention News - October 20, 2015

EuroIntervention - Volume 11 - Number 5 - October 2015 is out!

This month’s issue includes IVUS guidance for complete percutaneous revascularisation, a proposal for a SYNTAX revascularisation index, an expert review of stenting of coarctation of the aorta and a novel technique of Parachute implantation in conjunction with MitraClipping.

Videos - May 19, 2015

Video interview:

Emanuele Barbato discusses how a consensus was formed on agreed opinion by experienced rotablation operators and disseminated as best practice in this concensus document, endorsed by the EAPCI

Announcement - April 8, 2015

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