How can I get access to the CME chapters?

Option 1

You already have access to the full online edition with your username and password

Choose the chapter

Simply log onto the textbook website with your free PCRonline or EuroIntervention account.

Choose a chapter on the table of content

Choose the chapter

Then, go to the Table of contents and see the 10 chapters that received the CME credits (signaled by a blue label stating the number of CME points accorded to each chapter).

On the chapter click to start the quiz

Click to start

Select the chapter of your choice and start making your evaluation by clicking on the button "Online CME Claim your credits".

The CME Online Quiz

Take the quiz

  • You will then be asked to answer a series of questions.
  • To get your CME Certificate, 75% of the questions must be answered properly.
  • There is no limit in the number of times you take the quiz.

Option 2

You do not have access to the online edition of the PCR-EAPCI Textbook.

You can buy the online edition in one of 2 ways

On the PCR Bookshop
On the actual chapter itself

On the PCR Bookshop

Log in

If you are not logged in PCRonline, EuroIntervention or Textbook website, you will see the login box on the PCR Bookshop.

Simply log in with your free PCRonline or EuroIntervention account.
If you don’t have an account, create one now for free at

Once logged in, you have access to all the Bookshop articles.

Order your online version on the PCR Bookshop


Click on the desired edition and on the next page, click on "Add to cart".

You have 2 options to purchase the CME chapters:
1- The Full edition which gives you access to all the information on this textbook: available either in an online version (choose Online Edition) or in a package (select Print & Online Editions Package).
2- The Individual Chapters which allow you to buy one or more chapters of the The PCR-EAPCI Textbook and create your own package according to your needs.

On the actual chapter itself

PCR Bookshop access on actual chapter itself


This gives direct access on the purchase of Individual Chapters or full edition on the bookshop.


Once you have finalized your order, you will receive an automatic confirmation email well as an email with your textbook code(s).

You will then be able to access the online chapter(s) or full edition, and follow the procedure indicated in point 1/ to get access to the CME chapters.

Note : To activate your purchase, enter your Textbook code in the chapter box code.

Enjoy your reading !