ViTAL® Programme

Visionary Transformative Adult Learning (ViTAL®)

The ViTAL® programme will transform continuing medical education. Find out what the fundamentals of ViTAL® design are by Prof. J Marco.

What is ViTAL®?

A PCR exclusive post-graduate educational approach dedicated to leading the process of “evolution” not “revolution” in postgraduate education. It has been implemented over the last six years within the PCR Family Courses. It has expanded and has been embraced by about 200 physicians.

The whole approach has been a philosophy, a passion of Professor Jean Marco during his whole career. One of the reasons why he founded PCR was to ensure open communication between key physicians and the wider medical community. With ViTAL®, PCR has achieved this aim.

The fundamentals of ViTAL® design:

  • Focused learning starts by identifying your unmet needs
  • Ask yourself this question: what is needed to improve my daily practice?
  • If we don’t know what you need to learn, how will we know what to include in the session!
  • Clear and focused learning objectives are at the centre of VITAL® educational designs

To learn more about ViTAL, consult this short training video for:

ViTAL® LIVE cases