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Educational interviews are at the centre of the PCR experience. Whether it’s an expert opinion on a new technique and tool or any of the key topics that interest you, you can find it here. Available online during and after every course, we spotlight the latest procedures, devices, tools and techniques on TAVI, stents and scaffolds, below the knee, LAA closure, STEMI, chronic heart failure, mitral valve replacement and repair and other topics.

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A worldwide perspective on pharmaco-invasive strategy for STEMI

If primary PCI is the gold standard for reperfusion in STEMI, why isn’t this the first strategy of choice worldwide?Join K. F. Al-Shaibi, T. Cuisset and S. Khan as they spotlight the constraints that prevent many STEMI patients from having quick access to an interventionalist. Questions of timing, of the lack of cathlab facilities or skilled operators are discussed along with the reperfusion strategies of fibrinolysis or even aspirin as valid and effective clinical choices when primary PCI is impossible.Learn why, even with possible disadvantages and complications, any reperfusion is far better than none at all…. 

What to expect in interventional cardiology in 2017

PCR Chair William Wijns gives us his take on 2017: expanded indications for TAVI, new BRS data, trials on device based therapies in arterial hypertension, launch of Stent Save a Life, slow implementation of interventional treatment of acute ischemic stroke, celebrating 40 years of balloon angioplasty and EuroPCR 2017. An exciting year lies ahead!

Extra-renal intervention for hypertension treatment

What new approaches exist today to treat hypertension beyond renal denervation? Join F. Mahfoud, A. Pathak and K. Tsioufis as they take a close look at several now being explored. Beginning with the carotid artery, they examine three possible techniques: baroreflex, chemoreceptors and architectural restructuring; asking what are the positive elements – and dangers – involved in these treatments. They then turn to a novel device placed between the iliac artery and vein which has shown immediate and positive results in the cathlab – can this recently published FIM be a new way forward? Successful treatment of resistant hypertension is an international health challenge….to learn what’s happening at the cutting edge of the field today, join us here…

PCR London Valves 2016: knowledge and practice in transcatheter therapies for valvular heart disease

From PCR London Valves 2017

PCR London Valves is THE place to be for sharing experience and knowledge in the field of valvular and structural heart disease. Numerous sessions are dedicated to cardiovascular imaging, live and interactive cases, and new technologies such as new tricuspid or mitral valves. But don't just take our word for it, hear it first hand from participants Ahmed Elguindy, Roberto Nerla, Sameer Gafoor and Patrick Lim!The PCR London Valves 2017 course edition will not disappoint you.

Join us at EuroPCR 2017!

With the next edition taking place 16-19 May in Paris, take a look at why the Programme of this World-Leading Course in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine continues to attract 11,000+ participants year after year. The video includes comments gathered from participants at last year’s Course, and will make you keen to find out more about EuroPCR! Registrations are open!EuroPCR 2017  Register

Call for Late-Breaking Trials

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PCR Tokyo Valves Learning from 2016, perspectives for 2017

Understanding the expansion of transcatheter valve therapies in Asia is not just a question of knowledge, experience and technique, but also the cultural, economic and anatomical differences that are specific to the region.Learn why as P. MacCarthy from the UK with K. Hayashida from Japan, H-L Kao of Taiwan, and K. K. Yeo from Singapore discuss current Asian practice. Are there different complications facing Asian specialists? Is there a specific appeal among Asian patients to the noninvasive approach? What is the status of noninvasive mitral interventions? Learn the answers to these and other questions - and how PCR Tokyo Valves is expanding to become the Asian forum in this field…

PCR Peripheral 2016: guarantee a safe and efficient treatment of your patient

Course Director T. Zeller invites you to join the dedicated Course on peripheral interventions to learn everything step-by-step from pre-interventional diagnostic to closure.

Get a Glimpse of PCR China Chengdu Valves: watch the opening ceremony video

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the 2nd edition of this Course, jointly organised by PCR, CIT (China Interventional Therapeutics), and the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, focusing on transcatheteraortic valve implantation (TAVI).

EuroPCR 2017: tips for a simple innovation submission

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