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From obstructive sleep apnoea, resistant hypertension or secondary hypertension, find all the latest content on hypertension published on this website.

Treating hypertension requires an in-depth understanding of its mechanisms as well as patient history and compliance. The information you need covering the diverse topics involved in this discipline can be found in this section…

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Renal denervation for treatment of hypertension – heading for new shores - Webinar on demand

This PCR Webinar on Demand contains the following:

A LIVE discussion between a group of experts in a studioOnline questions & comments availableLearning Objectives:To appreciate the need of device-based therapies in light of revised target blood pressure goalsTo understand the current status and path ahead of renal denervationTo review the revised technical and procedural aspects of renal denervation

Renal denervation and uncontrolled hypertension – evolving data

06 Sep 2017

Can renal denervation have a positive effect on controlling blood pressure? F. Mahfoud reports from the ESC Congress 2017 in Barcelona as he introduces a late breaking trial which answers in the affirmative. Three-month results of the international SPYRAL HTN-OFF MED study demonstrated a “significant reduction in ambulatory and office blood pressure” in the denervation arm. Learning from earlier trials, discover how this new study could provide sound biological proof of principal, underlining the evolution in our understanding of anatomy and particularly in our approach to the technique itself. What does the future hold? What type of patient responds best? Find out more here…

The changing landscape of hypertension environment and its consequences for practice

06 Jun 2017 - From EUROPCR 2017

Should patients be given greater choice in their hypertension therapies? What are the key elements concerning hypertension for the interventional cardiologist? F. Mahfoud and M. D. Lobo share their experience with us, underlining why accurate blood pressure measurement is essential, both in – and outside – the doctor’s office. Does the recent SPRINT really impact our daily practice? What is the optimal blood pressure target today and can we achieve it through drugs or lifestyle changes? What is the role of non-adherence, and how does it play into our need for device-based interventional strategies? Should resistant or uncontrolled hypertension be redefined? Learn more…

EuroPCR 2017 Highlights: Interventions for Hypertension

23 May 2017 - From EUROPCR 2017

What’s happening in the field of the device-based treatment of hypertension? Join S. Ewen, F. Mahfoud and A. Pathak as they review the different sessions at EuroPCR 2017 dedicated to this challenging topic. Explore exciting new devices such as one aimed at the carotid region using baroreflex activation, which might have an effect on heart failure as well as resistant hypertension. Look at a new transcatheter approach to modulate the carotid body.  Learn about current data and results in the ongoing trials in renal denervation. Watch here...

Innovation for structural heart disease, heart failure and hypertension

18 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Clinical Research Forum on device-based therapies for hypertension – Update from the Clinical Consensus Conference on Device-based Hypertension Therapies

18 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Consult this session Clinical Research Forum on device-based therapies for hypertension with the collaboration of the Practical Course on Hypertension (PCH) if you want to find out more about patient recruitment for clinical trials, patient communication strategies and specific features of devices for hypertension treatment.

Device-based interventional therapies for hypertension – Part III – Renal angioplasty and arteriovenous-fistula creation

18 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Consult the Part III of the device-based interventional therapies for hypertension that focus on renal angioplasty and arteriovenous-fistula creation as presented during EuroPCR 2017 in collaboration with the Practical Course on Hypertension (PCH).

An image is worth 1,000 words

18 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Device-based interventional therapies for hypertension – Part I – Carotid neuromodulation

18 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Consult this session on Device-based interventional therapies for hypertension – Part I: Carotid neuromodulation, if you want to discover more about neuromodulation and appreciate the different device features, procedural steps and clinical study results.With the collaboration of the Practical Course on Hypertension (PCH)

Hypertension for everyday clinical practice – what's new, what's relevant?

17 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017