PCR Submissions

It is within PCR fundamental principles to provide relevant and interactive Courses deliberately conceived By and For practitioners. In this spirit, the Calls for Submissions represent a remarkable opportunity for members of the worldwide cardiovascular community to actively take part in the building of our highly educational Programmes.

Indeed, PCR Submissions offer physicians as well as nurses and allied professionals a compelling opportunity to share their work with an international audience interested and committed to cardiovascular interventions.

Why submit?

Answer the PCR Calls for Submissions and take a chance to get involved in the building of a PCR Course Programme made By and For interventional cardiologists!

Submissions Key dates

Find out which PCR Calls for Submissions are happening at the moment or will soon be open.

Tips and tricks

Are you preparing to answer one the PCR Calls for Submissions? Take notes as some of your colleagues hand in their insights for achieving a successful submission.

Where will my work be featured?

If your work is selected, you will be able to present it on-stage or as a Poster during PCR Courses. It will also be made accessible to the cardiovascular community at large across PCR platforms.


The Posters’Lab is an innovative space within PCR Courses where hundreds of resources arising from the Calls for Abstracts can be accessed by all participants.

PCR’s Got Talent

PCR’s Got Talent, EuroPCR abstract competition, is a unique platform for young practitioners to showcase their work in front of the international PCR Community.