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Case-based learning for the Heart Valve Team: percutaneous mitral valve repair using artificial chords

Tricuspid repair with the Trialign system

20 Sep 2016 - From PCR LONDON VALVES 2016

Chairperson: M.B. LEON

Objectives: To familiarise yourself with tricuspid valve repair techniques, to develop an understanding of tricuspid valve imaging, to understand important considerations for transcatheter tricuspid valve repair procedures.

Complex bifurcation lesion

Consult this session if you want to learn more about complex bifurcation lesion, that includes a LIVE demonstration from National Heart Centre - Singapore

Dr. Kam-Tim Chan


Kam-Tim Chan
Prof. Shao-Liang Chen


Shao-Liang Chen

SPOTLIGHT: Standardised definitions for clinical and imaging endpoints after surgical and transcatheter valve intervention

In this presentation from PCR London Valves 2017, A. Baumbach, D. Capodanno, A. Lansky, M.B. Leon and N. Piazza focus on the durability, structural deterioration and valve failure, the neurological adverse events and on what really matters in clinical and patient-reported endpoints after surgical and transcatheter valve interventions.

RAPID FIRE: innovations in percutaneous tricuspid intervention

Consult this session to fully understand the anatomical and technical challenges associated with percutaneous tricuspid intervention, get an update on cutting-edge technologies with first-in-man experience, and then, identify the limitations of devices.

Going beyond boundaries in structural heart interventions?

25 Sep 2017 - From PCR LONDON VALVES 2017

Chairpersons: M.B. Leon, F. Maisano, A. Vahanian

Objectives: To gain perspective from thought leaders on how the cathlab will evolve over the next 5-10 years, to participate to a unique discussion on the evolution of structural heart interventions, to learn the preferred strategy for combined cardiac diseases: while a staged approach may represent a preferable strategy in selected patients, concomitant treatment of combined cardiac diseases represents an appealing option in a majority of patients.

Transcatheter heart valve therapies for all heart valves

24 Sep 2017 - From PCR LONDON VALVES 2017

Chairpersons: M.B. Leon , S. Windecker

Objectives: To learn about the Edwards Lifesciences innovation pipeline for the aortic, mitral, tricuspid and pulmonary valve, to understand the latest and upcoming evidence in the aortic field, to learn about the economic value of innovative technology

Percutaneous mitral valve repair - early and long-term outcomes

Consult this session on percutaneous mitral valve repair outcomes including a selection of PCR London Valves 2017 abstracts presented by T. Benito-Gonzàlez, D. Braun, A. Duncan, A. Gackowski, B. Prendergast and A. Vahanian.

TAVI in difficult anatomy

26 Sep 2017 – From PCR London Valves 2017

Consult a selection of 6 cases to learn how to perform TAVI in difficult anatomy, in particular:
- Left ventricular outflow tract decalcification prior to TAVI: a simple way to prevent paravalvular leakage and mechanical complications
- Is contrast-enhanced CT necessary for emergent balloon aortic valvuloplasty
- Riding through twisty roads: Evolut R crossing a severely tortuous and calcified aorta

Edwards Cardioband Transcatheter Valve Repair System: expanding options for patients

26 Sep 2017 - From PCR LONDON VALVES 2017

Chairpersons: A. Vahanian , J.J. Popma

Objectives: To understand how to perform mitral repair in patients with mitral regurgitation, to learn about the current experience and clinical results of Edwards Cardioband system, to learn about the Edwards Lifesciences. innovations for transcatheter valve therapies.