Renal artery angioplasty

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Faced with stenosis of the renal artery and the existence or threat of hypertension and the possibility of renal failure, what is the role of renal artery angioplasty strategies today? Learn about imaging tools, stents, devices and techniques as well as the latest information on adjunctive pharmacotherapy, vascular access and bleeding risks…

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Renal artery angioplasty

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Renal denervation for treatment of hypertension – heading for new shores - Webinar on demand

This PCR Webinar on Demand contains the following:

A LIVE discussion between a group of experts in a studioOnline questions & comments availableLearning Objectives:To appreciate the need of device-based therapies in light of revised target blood pressure goalsTo understand the current status and path ahead of renal denervationTo review the revised technical and procedural aspects of renal denervation

Renal angioplasty and arteriovenous-fistula creation for hypertension

12 Jul 2017 - From EUROPCR 2017

Interventions for hypertension – where do we stand today? Can the reality of clinical practice differ from trials? S. Ewen, F. Sharif and M. D. Lobo review current evidence and experience with a look at the growing instance of renal artery stenosis or the possibility of a “mechanical” approach to treating resistant hypertension. Is there an association between renal artery stenosis and hypertension or chronic kidney disease? Can certain patients benefit from revascularisation? Why would AV fistula creation reducing systemic vascular resistance reduce blood pressure? What is the ROX CONTROL HTN study and how does it point the way to future avenues of treatment? Learn more.

EuroPCR 2017 Highlights: Interventions for Hypertension

23 May 2017 - From EUROPCR 2017

What’s happening in the field of the device-based treatment of hypertension? Join S. Ewen, F. Mahfoud and A. Pathak as they review the different sessions at EuroPCR 2017 dedicated to this challenging topic. Explore exciting new devices such as one aimed at the carotid region using baroreflex activation, which might have an effect on heart failure as well as resistant hypertension. Look at a new transcatheter approach to modulate the carotid body.  Learn about current data and results in the ongoing trials in renal denervation. Watch here...

Device-based interventional therapies for hypertension – Part III – Renal angioplasty and arteriovenous-fistula creation

18 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Consult the Part III of the device-based interventional therapies for hypertension that focus on renal angioplasty and arteriovenous-fistula creation as presented during EuroPCR 2017 in collaboration with the Practical Course on Hypertension (PCH).

Endovascular options for renal interventions

20 May 2016 – From EuroPCR 2016



Flavio Ribichini

LIVE case: Iliac and renal artery stenosis


Consult this LIVE case if you want to learn more about iliac and renal artery stenosis

A patient, 40-year old female:

Coeliac artery obstruction treated with a self-expanding stent.
Fausto Castriota


Fausto Castriota


Kadriye Kilickesmez

An image is worth 1,000 words - 7

21 May 2015 – From EuroPCR 2015

Advanced concepts in peripheral artery disease

19 May 2015 – From EuroPCR 2015


Marc Sapoval

Peripheral interventions II

23 Jan 2015 – From AsiaPCR/SingLIVE 2015

Moderated abstract corner

22 May 2014 – From EuroPCR 2014