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Other peripheral interventions

Here you will find all the latest content on diverse topics within the theme of other peripheral interventions published on this website such as the topics of the subclavian or digestive arteries. Results are listed in chronological order.

Increasingly effective approaches to peripheral interventions have expanded the range of topics covered in this speciality. From the brain, implicated in subclavian approaches, to the digestive arteries, as the field expands, information is critical both concerning the latest research to the development of new clinical techniques, all of which can be found in this section…

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Other peripheral interventions

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Pulmonary artery denervation in residual pulmonary hypertension

From EuroPCR 2016

Effective treatment of pulmonary hypertension remains one of the challenges of the 21st century and, while we are aware that patients with this condition have an elevated sympathetic activity, what are our treatment options? Can the Symplicity denervation system be seen as one of these as an effective clinical procedure for patients with residual pulmonary hypertension after pulmonary thromboembolism and surgical thrombendarterectomy?

Join B. Rudenko from Russia as he speaks about this promising first-in-human-study.

Complications and clinical cases - Session 3

11 Nov 2016 – From PCR Peripheral 2016

Complications and clinical cases - Session 2

10 Nov 2016 – From PCR Peripheral 2016

Complications and clinical cases - Session 1

10 Nov 2016 – From PCR Peripheral 2016

Consult this session on a selection of Clinical cases. This year the Best Clinical Case Award goes to Paolo Sbarzaglia, Italy for the clinical case on infragenicular popliteal retrograde access to treat superficial femoral artery occlusion in patient affected by critical limb ischaemia (below the knee).

Interactive Case Corner 5 - Structural / peripheral

28 Mar 2015 – From AfricaPCR 2015

Transradial access technique for endovascular interventions

28 Nov 2015 – From PCR Peripheral 2015

EuroPCR 2016 Highlights: Peripheral Interventions

From EuroPCR 2016

Is this the year of carotid artery stenting in stroke prevention? Find out the answer as A. Sauguet and A. Cremonesi discuss the highlights of this increasingly mature and innovative EuroPCR track. Other questions touch on whether a fully percutaneous approach to the treatment of infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysms is feasible, or where we stand today on interventional treatments at the femoral-popliteal or below-the-knee level.

LIVE case: femoral popliteal occlusive disease

From EuroPCR 2016

Consult the LIVE case on femoral popliteal occlusive disease if you want to learn more about stenosis of popliteal segment and occlusion of superficial femoral artery.

A 80-year-old male with femoral popliteal occlusive disease:

  •  Directional atherectomy of popliteal artery
  •  Drug coated stent to SFA
With the collaboration of the ESC Working Group on Aortic and Peripheral circulation
Antoine Sauguet


Antoine Sauguet
Benjamin Honton


Benjamin Honton

Endovascular options for renal interventions

20 May 2016 – From EuroPCR 2016

Flavio Ribichini


Flavio Ribichini

Aortic coarctation management

20 May 2016 – From EuroPCR 2016