Complications in Interventional Cardiology

Complications can be classified in a variety of ways but are traditionally described either in relation to disease indication, the general phases of a procedure, or the use of specific devices. In this section you will find clinical cases related to Complications provided by experts in interventional cardiology and learn how to recognise, anticipate and treat most frequent coronary complications. The aim is to engage in this effort at designing a unique resource that colleagues from the interventional community will be able to rely on to prevent, diagnose and treat complications. Consult the first complication section on Coronary perforations!

New sections which explain how to treat embolised device complications will be available in the near future, namely: coronary device complications; devices in structural heart disease; and venous catheters.

In addition to this complication management resource, further cases on complications are available on the website in the Topics section.

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