Africa, a continent with diverse cultures, centres of clinical excellence and talented specialists, has specific challenges to the advancement and practice of interventional cardiovascular medicine. PCR, in association with SASCI (South African Society of Cardiovascular Intervention), SA Heart (South African Heart Association) and PASCAR (Pan African Society of Cardiology), have created AfricaPCR, to respond to the specific needs of the African interventional community… Learn why we say that AfricaPCR has been designed “By&For” you!

AfricaPCR 2018

AfricaPCR 2018 - 25-27 Mar 2018
Cape Town, South Africa

AfricaPCR 2017

AfricaPCR 2017 - 23–25 March 2017
Cape Town, South Africa

AfricaPCR 2016

AfricaPCR 2016 - 10–12 March 2016
Johannesburg, South Africa

AfricaPCR 2015

AfricaPCR 2015 - 26–28 March 2015
Johannesburg, South Africa

AfricaPCR 2014

AfricaPCR 2014 - 13–15 March 2014
Cape Town, South Africa