François Bourlon

François Bourlon

Interventional cardiologist / Cardiologist
centre cardiothoracique de Monaco - Monaco, Monaco

- Cardiologist responsible for hemodynamic at the cardiothoracic center in Monaco.
- Helped develop interventional cardiac catheterization for children and adults (angioplasty in stenting coronary arteries)
- Developed the functional study for coronary artery FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve)
- Plays an inspiring role in the SHARE (Sustain Health Development in Africa) organization for development in Africa.

Latest contributions

EuroPCR 2018 – THE Course in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine

28 May 2018

Paris, France, 28 May 2018. There was a true sense of achievement in the air as EuroPCR 2018, the world-leading course in interventional cardiovascular medicine, ended with almost 11,000 participants. In addition, for the first time at EuroPCR, more than 3,000 e-participants enjoyed a selection of...

Tips and tricks for a safe LAA closure procedure

24 May 2018 – From EuroPCR 2018

Learn tips and tricks for a safe LAA closure procedure from clinical cases like carotid protection during percutaneous closure of a thrombosed LAA, a hybrid approach to atrial fibrillation, a LAA closure in a patient with persistent thrombus at TEE and more...

LAA closure: from patient selection to treatment and follow-up

22 May 2018 – From EuroPCR 2018

Join F. Bedogni, S. Berti, B. Farah, J. Goicolea, F. Hellig and H. Ince for this session on LAA closure from patient selection to treatment and follow-up. Learn how to identify the best candidates for LAA closure and device-specific tips and tricks for optimal implantation.

Mitral valve-in-valve procedures: procedural considerations

22 May 2018 – From EuroPCR 2018

Transformative care receives its reward

23 May 2018

Two European practitioners whose pioneering work has transformed cardiac care in Mauritania and Nepal were presented with the 2018 Ethica Award during yesterday’s opening ceremony.

Complex LAA closure interventions

Access to commented cases presented at EuroPCR 2017. Listen to your peers explaining how they managed particularly complicated cases. Discover their "tricks" to prevent catheter bleeding or perform LAA closure in complex anatomy and more.

PFO closure

18 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Consult this session on PFO closure if you want to understand current evidence for PFO closure and learn the main procedural steps of PFO closure and post-procedural treatment.

PCI in anomalous origin of the coronary arteries

18 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Extraordinary structural interventions

17 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Complex vascular access for TAVI procedure

16 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017