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Sameer Gafoor

Interventional cardiologist / Cardiologist
Swedish Medical Center - Seattle, United States

Latest contributions

Complex LAA closure interventions

Access to commented cases presented at EuroPCR 2017. Listen to your peers explaining how they managed particularly complicated cases. Discover their "tricks" to prevent catheter bleeding or perform LAA closure in complex anatomy and more.

Complications of mitral edge-to-edge repair

Consult this session from PCR London Valves 2017 including in particular cases on acute embolisation, cardiogenic shock, mitral valve chordal entrapment, and percutaneous mitral valve repair in patient with pectus exavatum.

Challenging MitraClip cases

18 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

The impact of conduction disturbances following TAVI

18 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Innovating imaging for structural heart interventions

18 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

An image is worth 1,000 words

17 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Management of coronary aneurysm

16 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Clinical and imaging guidance for LAAC

16 May 2017 – From EuroPCR 2017

Driving excellent patient outcomes today and tomorrow

20 Sep 2016 – From PCR London Valves 2016


Jeffrey J. Popma
Dr. Didier Tchétché


Didier Tchétché

LAA closure for stroke prevention

19 May 2016 – From EuroPCR 2016

Panellists: S. Gafoor, F. Hellig, D. Holmes, T. Schmitz

Consult the session video on LAA closure for stroke prevention, which includes a LIVE demonstration from Swiss Cardiovascular Centre, Bern University Hospital - Bern, Switzerland.

Clinical Case

A 81-year-old male with paroxysmal A.F.:

Recurrent macrohematuria with anticoagulation treatmentLAA closure device positioning with TEE guidance and angio control

Innovation addressing real-world needs

22 Sep 2015 – From PCR London Valves 2015

Michael Haude


Michael Haude
Hueseyin Ince


Hüseyin Ince

Native mitral valve interventions

21 Sep 2015 – From PCR London Valves 2015

Left atrial appendage closure systems: implantation techniques

21 May 2015 – From EuroPCR 2015

Watch this session video on Left atrial appendage closure systems and implantation techniques.


Ralf Birkemeyer

Treating hypertensive patients at risk

20 May 2015 – From EuroPCR 2015

Roland Schmieder


Roland Schmieder