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Europa Group, trusted-third-party

Europa Group, conference organiser and trusted-third-party

The group has been active in the world of conference organisation for 30 years. Today, it works as a renowned trusted-third-party for the cardiovascular community.

Europa Group is a Professional Conference Organiser operating on behalf of PCR. It plays as a trusted-third-party for more than 50 medical societies. For the past 30 years, the group has actively supported PCR in its multifaceted mission: providing patients with the best possible medical care; handing the cardiovascular community all the necessary resources to share knowledge, experience and practice; organising annual courses be it in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Middle East; publishing textbooks and online courses...

By establishing a virtuous long-term working collaboration with industry partners, Europa Group’s mission is to provide the means to sustain the PCR vision of enhancing HCPs clinical skills for the benefit of the patient.

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Working side by side

Our common goal has always been to improve patient care through the implementation of innovative methods and the promotion of talented practitioners in cardiology. Our goal today is not different: we want to make way for an even more advanced, improved and ethical practice.

Europa Group and MedTech Europe have conjointly put a great deal of effort into preparing for this innovation. Pilot tests have been conducted with tremendous success on two of the most important PCR Courses (EuroPCR 2017 and PCR London Valves 2017). The satisfaction rate being absolutely conclusive, Europa Group is today able to confirm that this method is worth complying with.

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Ethics as part of our DNA

We are deeply thankful for the support you, the PCR community (companies, medical institutions, practitioners) have been giving us over the years. As of today, we are leading the way towards innovation in the field of interventional medicine.

Working side by side with industry members and practitioners, EG keeps on evolving. As new regulations come to emerge, we feel blessed to offer you yet another opportunity to contribute to this great adventure.