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Is that really a coronary artery? - Image 42

Authors: M. Nobre Menezes, A.R.G. Francisco, J. Marques Da Costa, P. Canas Da Silva, F.J. Pinto

Image in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine: what do you see?

Is that really a coronary artery?


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  • Which diagnosis element do you recognise?
  • How would you treat?

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  • Chen Mao 11 Mar 2017

    Fistula from RCA to pulmonary artery. Aneurysm of RCA

  • Anunay Gupta 26 Feb 2017

    RCA Aneurysm , blocked artery in Mid RCA ? Kawasaki

  • gianfranco franco 12 Mar 2017

    Aneurysm of RCA, totally occluded in the mid part. If thrombotic occlusion with STEMI, you must open it, implant a self expandable stent and treat chronically with triple therapy.

  • Jan Sitar 12 Mar 2017

    I agree with Gianfranco Franco, only the selection of the stent(s) I would leave after opening of the occluded artery.

  • Ender Örnek 13 Mar 2017

    Catheter is filling an artery ( 2,2 mm diameter, infundibular artery, without regurgitation ) and this artery is draining to a congenital aneurysm. Treatment should be coil embolization. A 3-D CT imaging is needed to make a certain diagnosis.

  • DINYAR DARUWALA 13 Mar 2017

    Aneurysms RCA like to rule out coronary A-V fistula

  • fathy ahmad 18 Mar 2017

    RC aneurysm with fistula to Right ventricle