What happened exactly? - Image 8

Author: D.A. Zabalawi

Image in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine: what do you see?

 What happened exactly?


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  • How would you treat?

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  • david rozario 01 Apr 2017

    Man apposed stent

  • Stefan Harb 03 Apr 2017

    Late malapposition of already endothelialized metal-DES with thick neointima clockwise from 6-3. If stent properties allow and OCT can show wire is inside stent at whole lenghth then expand stent to actual vessel size continue DAPT for 12 more months. Then check again with OCT before reducing antiplatelet therapy.

  • ayman elkahlout 02 Apr 2017

    Late Big mallaposition of metal stent(endothilysed) Late aneurysme appearence I think to trear if there is No big side branches to put stentgraft... I dont know the all OCT images