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Image in interventional cardiovascular medicine - Image 13

Image in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine: what do you see?

EuroPCR 2015 - An image is worth 1000 words - Image 13


Share your comments on the image above:

  • What do you see?
  • Which diagnosis element do you recognise?
  • How would you treat?

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  • hazem el guindy 17 Nov 2016

    22/04/2015: tight lesion at proximal part of suclavian artery for stenting.internal mammary is free of disease but distal anastomosis with native LADdoes not show any filling of LAd in post CABG .tis patient is complainning of angina and stenting subclavian artery migt improve his anginal pains

  • Hasan Arı 17 Nov 2016

    19/04/2015: Left subclavian stenosis, that can result coronary steal syndrome.


    18/04/2015: Coronary-subclavian steal

  • Giuseppe Ando 17 Nov 2016

    18/04/2015: Left subclavian artery stenosis in a patient with previous LIMA-LAD grafting leading to coronary-subclavian steal phenomenon. See Migliorato et al, J Cardiovasc Medicine 2009 doi: 10.2459/JCM.0b013e32832c1f83