Image in interventional cardiovascular medicine - Image 34

Image in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine: what do you see?

EuroPCR 2015 - An image is worth 1000 words - Image 34


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  • muenpetch muenkaew 17 Nov 2016

    15/05/2015 LCx may be sutured during MVR.

  • Kolltis Pongmorakot 17 Nov 2016

    14/05/2015: RAO caudal view of left coronary angiography showed minimal haziness follow by total occlusionand presence of mechanical bileaflet valves that open one side. I think this may cause acute thrombo-embolic with occlusion of proximal LCx from prosthetic valve clot/ malfunction

  • Thanawat Suesat 17 Nov 2016

    14/05/2015: S/P MVR and coronary angiogram show wedge shape mid LCX occlusion.I think LCX was injury after MVR operation.May be casuse by tying or suturing technique because MV annulus was close to LCX especially left may produce AMI intraoperative or immediately postOR.However send patient back to OR

  • O K 17 Nov 2016

    14/05/2015: Probably LCx compression by sewing ring of prosthetic valve

  • yaroslav kulikovskikh 17 Nov 2016

    06/05/2015: probably LCX was sutured during MVR

  • Giuseppe De Iaco 17 Nov 2016

    30/04/2015: LCX occlusion after sugical aortic valve replacement

  • tine philipsen 17 Nov 2016

    22/04/2015: RCX occlusion, status post mechanical MV implantation