Bernhard Meier

Bernhard Meier

Interventional cardiologist / Cardiologist
University Hospital Inselspital Bern - Bern, Switzerland

Bernhard Meier (1950-)

Professor Meier served from 1992 until his retirement in 2015 as full Professor of Cardiology and Chairman of the Department of Cardiology at the Swiss Cardiovascular Center Bern at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Since 2016 he has served as Senior Consultant at this institution. After graduating from the Medical School of Zurich, Switzerland in 1975, he was trained in internal medicine and cardiology at the University Hospital of Zurich and later went to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Bernie Meier was an assistant to Andreas Grüntzig, at the time that Andreas introduced coronary angioplasty into clinical medicine. Hence, he has been involved in the procedure dating from the world’s first coronary angioplasty patient, treated in Zurich on September 16, 1977, to the present day. It was Bernie who found the first patient for Andreas to treat with PTCA. Bernie was also instrumental in the development of a simple and effective technique for closing the patent foramen ovale and the left atrial appendage and has among the world’s largest experience treating these conditions.

Latest contributions

How to become an Andreas Grüntzig in the 21st century

The contributions of Andreas Grüntzig to modern medicine are huge, though it may be argued that serendipity accounted for a significant part of his success. He came to Zürich to be a disciple of Robert Hegglin, an internist. Hegglin died shortly after Grüntzig’s arrival, obliging him to find a substitute tutor in the person of Alfred Bollinger, an angiologist, whose diagnostic skills he quickly acquired.

Authors :

Bernhard Meier

His master’s art, Andreas Grüntzig’s approach to performing and teaching coronary angioplasty

Andreas Roland Grüntzig (1939-1985) was an accomplished clinician and an astute scientist. He was also a practical man endowed with dexterity, smartness, and common sense.

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Bernhard Meier

Stroke prevention by intervention: left atrial appendage closure

23 May 2014 – From EuroPCR 2014

Embolic stroke and cardiovascular interventions

21 May 2013 – From EuroPCR 2013

Consult this session on a selection of Clinical cases on embolic stroke in cardiovascular interventions if you want to learn how to manage or avoid such complications:

- Acute management of patients with embolic stroke during cardiovascular interventions
- Timing, predictors and outcome of embolic stroke after cardiovascular interventions
- Percutaneous patent foramen ovale closure for secondary prevention of embolic stroke among patients with patent foramen ovale
- Role of embolic protection devices to prevent stroke during cardiovascular interventions
- Type and duration of antithrombotic therapy after device implantation in patients with atrial fibrillation
- Role of left atrial appendage occlusion (LAA occlusion) in patients with atrial fibrillation