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Tassilo Bonzel

Tassilo Bonzel

Interventional cardiologist / Cardiologist
Fulda, Germany

Tassilo Reinhard Bonzel (1944-)
Professor Bonzel is a German physician and a noted early pioneer in interventional cardiology. He completed his medical studies in Düsseldorf and did further cardiology training in Bad Oeynhausen with Prof. Gleichmann and Prof. Sigwart. He completed his habilitation in Freiburg. He has worked in both Germany and the United States (Syracuse, Boston) and has devoted his life to clinical research in both countries. Until April 2009, Tassilo was Director of Cardiology at the Klinikum Fulda, a campus of the University of Marburg.
In the mid-1980s, coronary interventions were evolving at a rapid pace, but still faced significant limitations. In 1985, Prof. Bonzel came up with the idea of making a guidewire lumen that would exit the shaft of the balloon catheter near enough to the distal end to allow its removal and exchange over a standard-length wire. This simplified the exchange and use of multiple catheters and enabled “single operator” procedures. Thus, the Monorail balloon catheter technique was born.