Questions & answers for participants

Exchanges between industry members, Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations are evolving under new regulations advanced/adopted by several regional organisations (MedTech EuropeAPACMedMecomed) which have come into force on 01 January 2018. What exactly does this mean for Healthcare Professionals?

1. Who introduced these new regulations and why?

MedTech Europe is bringing these new regulations into action, echoed by APACMed in Asia-Pacific and Mecomed in the Middle East. The new regulations are devised to adjust interactions between industries, Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations (ex: learned societies, conference organisers, associations, et al.) and ultimately help strengthen the independence of Healthcare Professionals’ decision-making.

The new Code of Ethics has come into force on 01 January 2018

2. What does this mean for me as a Healthcare Professional?

This means that a new mechanism of indirect financial support by Industry members for Healthcare professionals has been developed. Indeed, the support method is moving from a direct to an indirect approach. Precisely, this means that you, as a Healthcare Professional, won’t any longer be directly supported by Industry Partners.

Since 1st January 2018, Industry Partners have two solutions to handle sponsorship in compliance with the new Code:

  • Industry Partners allocate Educational Allowances to Healthcare Institutions who are responsible of pre-selecting eligible practitioners and attributing grants. What you can do: 
    • Get in touch with your Healthcare Institution to find out about possibilities and modalities for accessing Educational Allowances possibilities.
  • Industry Partners allocate Educational Allowances to trusted-third parties such as Europa Group/PCR. What you can do:
    • In order to be notified if and whenever Europa Group/PCR receives funds to finance educational allowances, practitioners must complete and/or keep their MyPCR profile up to date. Be sure to properly address all the required fields.
      My PCR button for registration

    • If and whenever Europa Group/PCR receives funds by Industry Partners to allocate grants for participants, the attribution of Educational Allowances will be carried out in the form of a Call for Applications. Selection of grantees will be based on predefined criteria (including gender, age, experience or specialty among others) which shall be announced by PCR once potential Call for Applications are launched.
    • Submitting your work to the PCR Calls for submissions makes for an appealing profile and can help strengthen your application for Educational Allowances.

3. Why is updating my profile on MyPCR so important?

By keeping their profile up-to-date, practitioners make sure that their information is accurate while making it easier for:

  • PCR to contact you if and whenever it receives Industry funds to finance Educational Allowances
  • The Selection committee to review your profile during potential selection process for attribution of Educational Allowances

4. If a Call for Applications is launched, who will be in charge of selecting grantees?

PCR will name a Selection Committee in order to ensure unbiased judgements of candidates applications and therefore ensure the independence of grants attributions. Every community within the cardiovascular field shall be taken into account during selection process: it is within the PCR mission to ensure that diversity of experience, specialty or geography, among others, remain prime components of our Courses.

5. Is this new process specific to PCR Courses and interventional cardiology congresses?

No. This process will be applied to all conferences and congresses complying with MedTech Europe regulations, which are being echoed by APACMed in the Asia-Pacific region and Mecomed in the Middle East.

6. Is my Course under these new regulations?

The following PCR Courses are complying with the new Code - and therefore with the new sponsorship process since 1st January 2018:

7. Is this the end of industry support for physicians’ continuing medical education?

Not at all. Industry will remain committed to the continuum of medical education. The financement process is evolving from a direct to an indirect attribution, but it won’t be suppressed.

Find out more about the new indirect scheme and how it might concern you as a Healthcare professional.

8. Is this the end of Third-Party Medical Courses? Will they be replaced by Online Education tools?

No. We strongly believe that nothing can replace physical networking and direct human interactions, which are part of PCR's essential principles. Therefore, our Courses will simply adapt to the new financing process. 
PCR also has a broad offer of online educational tools (Edu-OnlinePCR Webinars). They were conceived as a complement to PCR Courses, but in no way as a replacement.

9. In case I’m invited, what are the next steps?

You just received an email confirming your invitation to EuroPCR. Here is how to proceed next:

  1. Connect to our invitation management platform. You will be able to find the necessary information in the confirmation email you just received. By connecting to this online and very user-friendly platform you will be able to pursue the invitation-acceptance process. Finding any connection issues? Contact our Help Desk, we will be pleased to assist you.
  2. No charges on your behalf: all expenses pre-payed! Invitations include travel, accommodation and registration expenses.
  3. In order to be compliant with new regulations, the invitation system has pre-booked your flight and hotel dates. Yet, the system is flexible and allows changes on arrival/departure dates (charges apply, to be covered by you - the grantee - through the invitation management platform).

10. I’m a faculty, am I also concerned by the indirect sponsorship scheme?

Important: In the current economic environment, all faculty are not necessarily supported by the Course organiser.

  1. "You are not concerned by the indirect scheme and still have the possibility to be directly sponsored by a company only under the following conditions:
    - If you are involved in a sponsored session;
    - If you have a signed a consultancy agreement with a company."
  2. "If the event organiser isn't supporting you, and you don't comply with the above-mentioned conditions, you are concerned by the indirect sponsorship scheme:
    - As a faculty, you get priority in the grant allocation if your institution has been nominated to PCR/Europa Group.
  3. If none of the above applies, you should inquire with industry partners whether they can support your institution with educational grants. PCR/Europa Group can receive industry grants and manage the selection of practitioners until mid-April 2018 for EuroPCR 2018. Industry representatives can contact us at


11. I’ve submitted a case/abstract/innovation/LBT to EuroPCR, can I be directly or indirectly supported?

Please note that submitting your work to a PCR Course or being selected as a PCR Course presenter makes for an appealing profile and can help strengthen your application for Educational Allowances. Nonetheless, it doesn't automatically entitles you to access direct or indirect sponsorship by Course organisers or industry.

If your submission was accepted and you are to present during a PCR Course:

  • As a Presenter, you can be directly supported only by signing a Consultancy agreement with a sponsoring Company. 
  • As a Presenter, you can be indirectly supported and will get priority in the selection process for grant allocations if your institution has been nominated to PCR/Europa Group.  

Please note that submitting to a PCR Course or being selected as a PCR Course presenter doesn't automatically entitles you to direct or indirect sponsorship by Course organisers or industry. 

More questions on MedTech? Consult MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.

For further questions or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us: