Below-the-knee angioplasty: streamlining complex CTO interventions

LIVE demonstration from Clinique Pasteur - Toulouse, France (2017)

Chairpersons: R. Ferraresi, T. Zeller
Operators: B. Honton, A. Sauguet
Medical Control Desk: C. Cavazza
React@PCR Moderator: C. Cavazza


Watch this session if you want to know more about below-the-knee angioplasty, with a LIVE demonstration from Clinique Pasteur - Toulouse, France. Master the first intention retrograde access, and find out more about available wires and the use of microcatheters and low-profile balloons.

Clinical case

A 90-year-old female with right critical limb ischemia:
- SFA angioplasty with stent
- Anterior tibial artery angioplasty
- Bifurcation anterior tibial artery-tibio peroneal trunk angioplasty

Learning Objectives

  • To master first intention retrograde access
  • To appreciate the comprehensive selection of currently available wires
  • To understand how to use microcatheters and low-profile balloons

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  • Session objectives