Why submit to PCR?

By answering the PCR Calls for Submissions, you get a chance to help us build a PCR Course Programme, as each one of these are carefully built By and For practitioners.

Are you familiar with all other crucial reasons that should encourage you to answer these Calls for Submissions?

Calls for submissions

Top reasons to submit:

  • To boost the visibility of your work
    If selected, not only will you have the chance to present your work during one of our Courses, it will also be published accross PCR platforms — such as the PCR Abstract Book, Courses’ Interactive Programmes or the Slides and Videos section of PCRonline.com among others — and therefore accessible by an audience of over 60,000 community members
  • To play a key role in the development of interventional cardiology
    Your work might have a considerable impact in the field’s development: by submitting, you get the chance to share, discuss your work with your peers, benefit from enriching exchanges and valuable feedback, and let the interventional community nourish from your experience and knowledge.
  • To gain experience and give your academic career a lift
    Presenting your work in front of key-opinion leaders in the field will not only help you strengthen your academic and oratory skills, it may also put you on the radar for future collaborations.
  • To increase awareness on your work area, research topic or world region
    By exposing your work to a community of over 60 000 practitioners, interested and committed to cardiovascular interventions, you are able to bring into light a specific disease or condition, with the ultimate goal of reaching the best possible outcomes for your patients.

Take a chance to play an active part in the building of PCR Courses Programmes!

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