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Apr 2017

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7-9 Apr 2017
PCR Tokyo Valves 2017



May 2017

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16-19 May 2017
EuroPCR 2017




Join us at EuroPCR 2017!

And don't forget, the press office is always here to help you...


Online Press Registration is now open!

Press registration for EuroPCR is open to accredited members of the press, free of charge. Press badges will be issued to journalists coming to the Course with the express intention of covering EuroPCR 2017. Journalists must show proof of valid press cards and/or present a letter of assignment from a recognised publication. Press badges for EuroPCR 2017 will be issued at the discretion of the Press Coordinator.
By using our online registration, your PCR badge will be waiting for you at the Press desk when you arrive at the Course, ensuring that you can start working right away. No delays!


Completion of this application does NOT constitute acceptance of your application; you will receive a separate notice confirming your press badge for EuroPCR.                

Please note: Industry officials and their communication agents are NOT eligible for press registration.
* (see specific information for Industry and their communication agents below).

On-site registration

Please note that while on-site registration is always possible, this may take more time due to other demands on our personnel during the Course.
Go to the “Press Desk” located on the Neuilly side in the registration hall – Level 0 of the Palais des Congrès.  You will need to provide your official and valid press identity card or an appropriate letter of assignment, which will be verified by the registration staff before issuing a press badge. 


For both online and on-site registration, you can pick-up your badge at the Press Desk located on Level 0. 


For all results and presentations at sessions at EuroPCR 2017, including the Late Breaking Trials, the embargo is lifted at the beginning of the session where the information is being publicly presented, unless you are otherwise informed. A presentation at a prior press conference does not lift the embargo.
For the oral and poster abstract-based presentations, the embargo is lifted on Friday, 12 May at 9am GMT+2.
Any press and media representatives requesting to attend a PCR course must accept this embargo policy in order to receive a press badge.

Breaking of the embargo policy by a reporter leads to:

  • Immediate suspension of the reporter’s media credentials
  • Immediate barring of the reporter from the meeting premises
  • Removal of the reporter’s name from the PCR press distribution list for 1 year
  • No access as a media representative to any other congresses organised by PCR for 1 year (as of embargo break)
  • Media outlets that employ the reporter or who hired the freelancer to write for them will be barred from sending reporters to next year’s EuroPCR and any other PCR course for 1 year


Breaking of an embargo by another (non-media) party will be equally pursued.

Hours (subject to change)



Press Room

On-site Press Registrations

Tuesday 16 May




*8:00 & 17:00


Wednesday 17 May





Thursday 18 May





Friday 19 May





*Press briefings


There will be 2 official EuroPCR 2017 press briefings. They will take place on Tuesday, 16 May; one at 8am and the other at 5pm, and will be held in the Press Room, located on Level 3. The programme of these press briefings will be available on this page at a later date.


The Press Room will be located on Level 3. It is a work space reserved for journalists, providing the following facilities:

  • Computers, laptop connections and a printer
  • Daily EuroPCR press releases as well as industry press releases and press kits 
  • Issues of the Daily, the journal of EuroPCR
  • Complimentary copies of EuroIntervention and other Europa Organisation publications
  • Coffee, tea and other refreshments (lunch bags and lunch buffets will be available throughout the Palais des Congrès as well as in the Press Room)


Isabelle Uzielli, EuroPCR Press Coordinator and/or Jane McKellow, her assistant, will welcome you to the Press Office throughout EuroPCR 2016. They represent the Course organisers and will help answer any questions you might have concerning the Course, with the goal of providing you with the best working conditions possible.


This year we will again have a separate studio space for your photography, audio and video interviewing needs. This room has been enlarged at your request. You can reserve this room directly with us when you arrive at EuroPCR.
In addition, each day, a selection of high-resolution photographs will be available free of charge in the Press room to illustrate your articles. 


  • Filming at EuroPCR 2017 is permitted, but only with small equipment.
  • Filming in public areas such as the exhibition halls requires small, mobile equipment so that it in no way interferes or alters the dynamics of the delegates moving from one place to another.
  • Filming in the scientific session rooms is only possible with small cameras that do not disturb the attendees or the faculty. Flash photography and lights are not permitted in the sessions.


Although not eligible for press passes, the Press Office does offer certain services to Industry and/or their communications or PR companies.

 Beginning mid-April, we can send you regularly updated lists of registered press. During the Course we can also:

  • display paper copies of your press releases in the Press Room
  • distribute electronic versions of your press releases to the Press attending the Course (bring us a USB key with your press release on it -PDF format, clearly marked with the name of the company and embargo times in the title of the press release)
  • post your press releases on PCRonline
  • display posters of your media briefings in the Press Room.


Please note that the press officers do not schedule rooms for media briefings. In order to schedule a room for media briefings, please contact Christina Pereira & Nadège Berges, in charge of Exhibition, Advertising & Promotion.

For any press-related inquiries

Contact us

EuroPCR Press Coordinator
Isabelle Uzielli

EuroPCR Assistant Press Coordinator
Jane McKellow