Stent - Save a Life! 2017 Annual Forum

Building a global STEMI-network: come join the 2017 Stent - Save a Life Forum!

The Stent - Save a Life initiative will be hosting its 2017 Annual Forum on Monday, 15 May, right before EuroPCR, at the Palais des Congrès (Room 352A) in Paris.

What is Stent - Save a Life?

Stent – Save a Life follows the successful Stent for Life initiative and takes the project to reduce mortality and morbidity in patients suffering from an acute coronary syndrome to a global level. At this year’s Forum we celebrate the great success of the last 8 years and get ready to move on together to the next level.

Discover Stent - Save a Life!

Why should you join?

Because you can make a difference! The Stent Save a Life Forum serves as a platform for you to discuss on with your peers how to improve the access of your patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), in your region, to guideline adherent therapy. It is an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and share best practices in the management of your patients. Finally, this year’s edition of the conference is all about launching a new global chapter and introduce an action plan for 2017.

The Forum is also an excellent opportunity for all physicians and allied health professionals interested in STEMI care to meet the Stent – Save a Life Country Champions, Project Managers, Committee Members, supporters and friends of the initiative. You are very much welcome!

What to expect from this Forum?

The Forum, held in Room 352A, will be articulated around three interactive sessions covering three general themes:

  • Global reach: invited countries’ updates and best practices
  • Regional overviews
  • Programme in action: focus on country, in-field implementation
Stent Save a Life

Attend the Forum if you wish to:

  1.  Understand how the Stent - Save a Life! global STEMI network works to improve patients' access to best possible medical care
  2. Exchange with experts and peers on how you can initiate or manage a national STEMI programme in your country
  3. Discuss with experienced Country Champions and Programme Managers about challenges for STEMI care and how to address them



Monday 15 May 2017


Stent for Life - a successful network
Chairpersons: B. Alekyan, C.K. Naber
Panellists: J. Belardi, M.K.Y. Lee, P. ONG, H. Otieno, H. Pereira, A. Snyders

11:00 Welcome and session objectives - C.K. Naber
11:15 Celebrating ight successful years: Stent for Life - W. Wijns
11:25 Discussion and audience interaction
11:30 Impact of primacy PCI on economic outcomes - V. Ganyukov
11:40 Discussion and audience interaction
11:45 Going global: Stent - Save a Life! - C.K. Naber
11:55 Discussion and audience interaction
12:00 Starting a national STEMI program: the country champions' view - H. Pereira
12:10 Discussion and audience interaction
12:15 Running a national STEMI program: the project managers' view - R. Delport
12:25 Discussion and audience interaction


STEMI care: global challenges
Chairpersons: F. Mauri, A. Suliman
Panellists: K.F. Alhabib, C. Christou, M. Jeilan, A. Al Nooryani, S. El Tobgi, I. Terzic

13:30 Potential and challenges in Latin and South America - J. Belardi
13:40 Discussion and audience interaction
13:45 Mexico - Update 2017 - C. Cabrera Arroyo
13:55 Discussion and audience interaction
14:00 Potential and challenges in Asia - P. ONG
14:10 Discussion and audience interaction
14:15 China - Update 2017 - Y. Zhang
14:25 Discussion and audience interaction
14:30 Potential and challenges in Africa - H. Otieno
14:40 Discussion and audience interaction
14:45 Tunisia - Update 2017 - H. Gamra
14:55 Discussion and audience interaction


Stent - Save a Life: building solutions together
Chairperson: Ö. Göktekin, J. Marco
Panellists: M. Hashemian, J. Kanakakis, K. Karamfiloff, O. Polonetsky, M. Sokolov, S. Stojkovic

15:30 Lysis, pharmaco-invasive approach and primary PCI - S. Khan
15:50 Discussion and audience interaction
16:00 Applying the hub and spoke model to Sri Lanka - G. Ranasinghe
16:10 Discussion and audience interaction
16:15 A patient with STEMI in Sudan - A. Mohamed
16:25 Discussion and audience interaction
16:30 A patient with STEMI in Hong Kong - M.K.Y. Lee
16:40 Discussion and audience interaction
16:45 Stent - Save a Life! Milestones 2017 - C.K. Naber

Online pre-registrations are now open!

The 2017 Stent Save a Life Forum will be held on Monday, 15 May 2017 at the Palais des Congrès (Room 352A) in Paris.

Registration badges are free of charge for all participants on the express condition of completing the online pre-registration. Please keep in mind there will be no on-site registration possible.

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