Questions & answers for Industry Partners

Exchanges between industry, Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations (including Professional Congress Organisers - PCO) are evolving under new regulations which have come into force on 1st January 2018. What exactly does this mean for Industry Partners? How can they get on board with these changes? Your most frequently asked questions are answered in this section.

1. Who introduced these new regulations and what for?

MedTech Europe is bringing these new regulations into action, echoed by APACMed in the Asia-Pacific region and Mecomed in the Middle East. The new regulations are devised to adjust interactions between industries, Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations (ex: learned societies, conference organisers, associations, et al.) and ultimately help strengthen the independence of Healthcare Professionals’ decision-making.

The new Code of Ethics has come into force since 1st January 2018

2. What does this mean for me as an industry member?

This means that a new mechanism of indirect support has been developed. You, as an industry member, won’t any longer directly invite Healthcare Professionals.

Instead, Industry Partners will fund Educational Allowances through trusted-third-parties such as Europa Group — PCR Courses Organiser — or Healthcare Institutions.

 3. Am I concerned by these new regulations and therefore have to comply with the new delegates invitation process, even though I am a small company or start-up representative?

You are concerned by these new regulations if your company is a corporate member, or a member of a national company that has ratified the Code for either:

4. Is this new process specific to PCR Courses or interventional cardiology meetings?

No. This process shall be applied to all medical educational conferences and congresses such as PCR Courses complying with MedTech Europe regulations, which are being echoed by APACMed in the Asia-Pacific region and Mecomed in the Middle East.

5. Which PCR Courses are concerned by this new regulation?

The following PCR Courses comply with the new Code - and therefore with the new sponsorship process, as of 1st January 2018:

1. What makes Europa Group a trustworthy partner for the management of delegates support?

  • Solid expertise strengthened by a long-term business relationship with the medical industry
  • A large and solid database of prominent specialists as well as an extensive list of potential Healthcare Professional guest members
  • 98% satisfaction rate for the two pilot projects conducted in compliance with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethics at EuroPCR 2017 and PCR London Valves 2017
  • Recognition as a MedTech Trusted Partner
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2. What are the different options offered by Europa Group to manage delegates support?

All options offered by Europa Group in order to accompany Industry Partners in the new delegates supporting process can be found in the following chart.

3. How should I proceed exactly so as to comply with the new process?

Since 1st January 2018, Industry Partners have two solutions to handle sponsorship in compliance with the new Code:

  • As a first option, Industry Partners put in a request for the allocation of Educational Allowances to Europa Group/PCR
  • As a second option, Industry Partners can entrust hospitals with the responsibility of dispatching their allocated Allowances to Healthcare Professionals. Hospitals communicate their grantees selection to Europa Group/PCR thereafter. In turn, the latter handles grantees attendance logistics.

If the first option is chosen, Industry Partners will deliver Educational Allowances through PCR (most precisely through Europa Group, PCR Courses organiser) as follows:

  • Trusting Europa Group/PCR:
    • Industry Partners choose the best suited option to work along Europa Group/PCR for the indirect sponsorship of delegates
    • Specific selection criteria are defined jointly by Europa Group/PCR and Industry Partners (e.g. country, topic of interest, years of experience, institutions...)
  • Call for Applications:
    • PCR launches a Call for Applications to the entire community through a dedicated communication
    • Healthcare Professionals interested in accessing sponsorship for attendance to Courses answer the Call for Applications
  • Grants attributions: 
    • PCR trusts a Selection Committee with the selection of grantees
    • The selection of grantees is based on candidates matching predefined criteria and number of available Educational Allowances
  • Managing delegates invitation:
    • Europa Group/PCR manages the support of delegates from A to Z through its proprietary all-in-one platform

4. What is to be covered by an Educational Allowance?

Overall, Educational Allowances may cover registration fees for PCR Courses attendance, accommodation for the complete duration of the Course, and hometown to venue round-trip, or part thereof. What the Allowance actually and definitely covers will be announced and detailed along with the opening of each Call for Application. 

5. As an Industry Partner, am I entitled to setting my own selection criteria?

It is a conceivable solution within the first option. Selection criteria will be suggested by PCR to Industry Partners. You are welcome to suggest yours. In the second option, hospitals are entitled to the selection.

6. Is the Selection Committee selected by Industry Partners?

If the industry partner decides to go for the first option, PCR will trust a Selection Committee with the selection of grantees in order to ensure the independence of continuous medical education.

1. Can I still invite groups to Courses?

Indirect sponsorship remains a viable option for group invitations, but all invitations will be individualised... names, addresses, credit cards, travel programme. Group support needs to comply with indirect sponsorship principles, as described above.

2. What happens if a granted delegate refuses its allowance?

Educational Allowances are allocated to another applicant whose profile matches the selection criteria.

No double funding for the same physician is possible within the PCR process. Physicians' credit details serve as a guarantee.

3. What happens if the granted delegate doesn’t attend the event?

Regardless of each option chosen by the Industry Partner, the granted delegate should warn the PCR organisation of his/her cancellation ahead of time, since an Educational Allowance can be re-allocated to another applicant. Granted delegates who do not warn of their inability to attend will not be able to benefit from future granting processes. If such a scenario were to happen, Europa Group/PCR also reserves the right to charge the full amount of the attributed and unused allocation to the grantee's credit card.

Pilot projects conducted by Europa Group/PCR for EuroPCR 2017 and PCR London Valves 2017 showed that the last minute no-shows rate remains extremely low.

4. Will the granted delegate know which Industry Partner is covering its Educational Allowance?

No, the Industry Partner remains unknown, so as to ensure the compliance of the process. The granted delegate will be informed (through logistics planification) of which Industry Partner provides support only after he/she has accepted the support. It might be so that national laws prevent disclosure of supporting Industry Partners though.

5. Can the Industry Partner get in touch with selected grantees?

The indirect sponsorship scheme promoted by MedTech does not suggest that Industry Partners are entitled with contacting selected grantees.

Yet, PCR will provide supporting Industry Partners with comprehensive pre- and post-event reports, including detailed information on which Healthcare Professionals have benefited from your funding.

6. What happens if the budget allocated to Europa Group for the attribution of Educational Allowances isn’t fully spent?

Europa Group is committed to allocating all of the collected funds under the indirect sponsorship scheme to as many Healthcare Professionals as possible, under the provision that the applicants meet the selection criteria suggested by PCR and jointly agreed upon. Should there be unspent Educational Allowances, Europa Group shall notify the Industry Partner and find a convenient arrangement.

Several commercial options are made available by Europa Group to Industry Partners in order to manage delegates support to PCR Courses. The main options can be found within this comprehensive flowchart, yet, don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated team, as it will try to find the best suited offer for you.

7. If my company is based outside of the MedTech Europe, APACMed or Mecomed jurisdictions, can I continue to support delegates attendance through direct sponsorship?

Is your company or any of its subsidiaries a Corporate member of MedTech Europe or any of the echoing associations (APACMed, Mecomed)?

  • If so, internal policy decisions might imply that you are required to comply with the new support process, even if your company is geographically based outside MedTech Europe’s - or echoing associations’, jurisdiction
  • If so isn’t the case, you can continue to invite delegates through direct sponsorship. You can also decide to adhere to the principles of the new MedTech Europe Codes, i.e. opt in for an indirect sponsorship scheme to support delegates attendance to PCR Courses

More questions on MedTech? Consult MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.

For further questions or assistance in the new delegates support process please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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