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Apr 2017

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7-9 Apr 2017
PCR Tokyo Valves 2017



May 2017

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16-19 May 2017
EuroPCR 2017



Young EAPCI/PCR Journal Club

PCR and the EAPCI Young Interventionalist Committee are delighted to present the joint Journal Club, showcasing a selection of Literature Reviews of top interventional cardiovascular journals world-wide. Enjoy these reviews, and don't forget to comment!

"Literature reviews by young interventionalists will help you stay up to date and analyse the most relevant articles in the field of interventional cardiovascular medicine." Gregory Ducrocq, PCRonline editor

Davide Capodanno, Chair of the New Initiatives for Young Interventionalists Committee, states that "A critical appraisal and understanding of the latest studies is key to translate conclusions into daily practice and improve the care of individual patients."

Join the EAPCI Young Community on LinkedIn! If you would like to learn more about the Young EAPCI/PCR Journal Club, please watch this short video interview.

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